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Italian Furniture

Italian design is unmistakable but impossible to define. It includes - flair, innovation, an instinct for beauty of line and function. Rooted in the historical Italian traditions in Architecture, Fine Arts and craftsmanship expecially in wood and glass, the world-renowned Italian furniture manufacturers have allied these skills to innovative technology and exploration of the aesthetic possibilities of new materials. Italian designers blend the best of tradition with an unerring instinct for the new. Concern for the whole process from materials sourcing through manufacture to the finished product, combining elegance with functionality, means quality is a given not an added extra.

Venezia Table
by Riva 1920

Matteo Thun?s Briccole Venezia Table captures the atmosphere of the Briccola mooring and navigation posts in the Venice lagoon. Fashioned in the wood of the Briccole with the angled legs echoing the Briccola shape.

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Zen TV Stand
by Compar

Compar?s Zen elliptic swivel TV stand will add style to the prosaic TV. In a choice of red, white or black safety support glasses

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