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Gran Khan Sofa

Gran Khan Sofa
by Edra

Edra?s Gran Khan sofa is a stunning variation on Francesco Binfare?s 'Sof?' ? a hollow frame filled with large soft cushions strewn with leather skins to create a luxurious echo of the nomadic lifestyle of chieftain?s and sheiks of the past

The Gran Khan Sofa achieves a high level of comfort and luxury thank to its Gellyfoam? and kapok filling. Covers are technically removable. The Gran Khan can be customized and a plan/drawing of the element configuration you want will enable Edra to ensure that leather coverings are aligned.

Please request a quote specifying your particular wishes and needs especially size and configuration where appropriate.

Dimensions*: 276/300x110x64(h) cm
Delivery Time: 6-10 weeks

* Where a product offers additional options such as different fabrics we will quote prices for those options separately. Many products come in a range of sizes. A surcharge may be applicable for some items for UK domestic use and export out of the EU. Shipping charges vary.

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