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On The Rocks

On The Rocks
by Edra

Edra?s absolutely unique house-style is immediately evident in the On The Rocks modular sofa system. The only limit to the variations of the configuration one can achieve is the imagination itself. Variable, adaptable and always striking.

The On The Rock system is comprised of irregular-shaped elements on moulded polypropylene and rubber feet. Advanced ?Gellifoam? used in the aerospace industry offers both strength and a sensuous softness of touch. Two flexible backs can be arranged to create different shapes and moods. Innovative and eye-catching, the On The Rocks will constantly attract attention and admiration.

Please request a quote specifying your particular wishes and needs especially size and configuration where appropriate.

Dimensions*: 430x298x34(h) cm
Delivery Time: 4-10 weeks

* Where a product offers additional options such as different fabrics we will quote prices for those options separately. Many products come in a range of sizes. A surcharge may be applicable for some items for UK domestic use and export out of the EU. Shipping charges vary.

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