Contemporary Art

Below is a list some of the best contemporary Art we can find.

Bodies .. Umm scary.. Off to see this exhibition on Saturday and i'll be able to update this blog about what its like..
The 2005 show can be seen here

The 2006 show info and tickets here




I came across this car today and thought it worthy of being the first contemporary art item on contemporary home.

More info

The car is called the "Fat car" and its created by a comporary artist called ERWIN WURM. I think the car and its style speaks for itself.. Wow.. so odd but I "think" I like it..


The London Oasis.. Launched on 19th June 2006, the London Oasis by Chetwoods is on Clerkenwell Green until the end of August 2006. Looking forward to going to see this great contemporary are project...

For more info click here